• Do you need an injury prevention routine that is easy to implement and sustainable?
  • Do you feel like you are always in pain somewhere and you are falling apart?
  • Do you need to live an active life?
  • Do you want to relieve the constant soreness throughout your body?
  • Want to do your activities without worry of pain to come?
  • Want to get back to performing at a level you used to and more?

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What is a pain-free concierge?

It’s A Complete Pain Relieving Service That Teaches You How To Get Your Body Out Of A Protective Cycle And Into A Healing Cycle Eliminating Pain Fast.



What Can Happen To You In A Protective Cycle?

*Plantar Fasciitis *Shin Splints *Calf Cramps *Chronic Low Back Pain *Tennis Elbow *Knee Pain *Achilles Tendonitis *Low energy * Poor mindset toward life

What Happens To You In a Healing cycle?

Feeling Vibrant *Light *Fluid *Flexible *Balanced *Childlike energy *Clear and focused mindset *Empowered and unstoppable.



Here is an email  a client wrote to me because of her experience here at Evolve, and it sums up everything that happens when working with Patrick and what you are capable of. She used it in part of an essay she had to write to get into a very high prestigious schooling.

“Soon after, I got injured in my regular kickboxing class and began seeing a local restorative therapist to work through the injury.  What he taught me about healing my body ended up changing the trajectory of my life.  He asked me questions about what was going on in my life; what emotions I was feeling; what stressors; do I feel safe, trust, and love?  He taught me that my emotions, thoughts, and beliefs have a profound effect on how my body will heal.  He taught me how to communicate with my body, and the effects of stress and the flight-or-fight system on my ability to heal.  I had never felt the tremendous power of the mind-body connection before and realized then that this was the vital missing link necessary to heal all aspects of my life.”





rachel cavannaI’ve been working with Patrick for more than a year now; arriving at his doorstep with a hip injury that just wouldn’t go away. And during that initial visit, I knew that his approach and philosophy and passion for not only body work, but emotional and energetic healing was something different. We looked at charts and grids and meridians and discussed root issues of the body alerting us to pain. He “fixed” my hip during that first visit, and he barely ever touched it!

Fast forward to now. Patrick has evolved his approach to include not only hands-on body work, but a rapid fire approach to rooting out the core issue quickly, and dealing with it right there and then. It’s intense, let me warn you. But through mantra work, energetic tapping and more than I can ever comprehend or adequately explain, there is a new level of healing that transpires during each visit. If you want to actually clean up your body’s messes. Clear out long held limiting beliefs and negative energy. Begin to unravel the karmic junk that has held you back, and walk away actually feeling lighter and better and more aware, there is only one person to see.



I am Patrick Lerouge an Intuitive Healing Expert allow me to introduce myself.



What is Restorative Therapy?

Restorative therapy focuses on the big picture of you and shows you what you and your body are truly capable of.  It will give you the ability to live and move pain-free by teaching you the concept of body awareness and mindfulness.  Then, it means taking serious action on it.

Restorative Therapy is, its a bridge between eastern and western philosophies. I take an integrative approach to holistic therapy. Which goes outside of just one therapy i.e ” massage therapy” . It teaches balancing out the life is the main focus mentally, emotionally, and physically. There is no difference between both philosophies. There is no rights or wrongs one is not better than the other. They themselves  are yin and yang , you need them both at times.

As an intuitive healing expert and the creator of the live pain-free process™. I help successful massage therapist that love what they do, but struggles with the physical toll it puts on them. I help them get past the mechanics of treating so they can heal themselves faster and continue doing the work they love to do.

What separates me from other health care practitioners is that my nationally recognized Live Pain-Free Process provides the clarity of what it takes to heal on all levels. So that the pain goes away quickly and stays away.

In the 14 yrs I have been practicing I believe everyone needs someone to help with navigating and balancing out their lifestyle so they can live and move pain-free. I give them the tools and techniques needed to keep them progressing in life, and activities.





Want to have a conversation with me to see if I can help? Call 908-512-0922  to schedule a 30-minute call free

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