Breaking Depression Fast

What’s up? Patrick Lerouge here from Evolve Restorative Therapy. You can find me at livepainfreeprocess.com. I have a pain free concierge service that does miraculous things bringing people back out of a painful situation, back out of physical pain, mental pain as well as emotional pain. I do that using my Live Pain-Free Process that gives you actual tools and a plan to bring yourself back to a youthful state, back into a clearer mindset as well as a stable emotional state. Today what we’re going to be talking about is how I pulled myself out of depression fast. I wouldn’t call it a full blown depression per se, but believe it or not, I do have a lot of depressive qualities that could put me into a depressive state fast. I learned early on in my life that I could not let that happen at all cost. Today what I want to talk to you about is how I got out of depression fast.

First things first, depression in my eyes is an inward cycle of looking within yourself.  Also being super critical on what’s happening within yourself.  It is not just about being negative to yourself but hypercritical about what’s happening in your life. Whatever the case may be, that’s going to put you in a downward spiral. That downward spiral keeps you in a depressed state.What you have to do is break that spiral and then work your way back up.

I broke this cycle ridiculously fast, and that’s why I was able to break my depression.  I caught it early. Catching the downward spiral is the first thing I want you to realize. The reason why I broke it early is that I know myself. I know what makes me tick I’m aware of  these qualities.

I understand how I feel at all times and what’s happening within myself. That means I have benchmarks of where I am energetically, is this a good place or a bad place, as well how much energy do I have left. I’m talking about emotional energy when I’m looking at myself.

Two, what you have to do is learn the things that you need to do to break that cycle.

The way that I learned about myself in this instance is I had a hand analysis was done that told me I had this trait. Whenever I use a specific attribute, whichI’m really good at,  I can take on these emotions that can overtake me. I have to be happy consistently, and on top of myself, so I can consistently have an upward spiral.

If something does take me down, I don’t go below that energy benchmark. I want you to start looking at yourself, feeling where you are so you can start making those benchmarks. Number two, what are the things that get you out? What normally get me out of a state is me doing things physically, me getting more verbal affirmations, all these different things that feed me and make me happy. I know what makes me happy, so it’s easy for me to say, “I can do this.  Knowing exactly the things that make me happy. I can do those things.

Here is the twist in the story

Number one, I caught myself early. Number two, I started applying those things that make me feel better remarkably fast. This is the fun part of the story. None of those things were working. That’s where everything took a turn for the worse because I did go below my standard of energetic, emotional living, and I knew I was going down. If you make it to this place, you have to work your way through it. Don’t try to stop it. Work your way through the process because once you’re in it, you’re in it. You have to work through it because if you keep on trying to put the brakes on, you’re slowing down and you’re staying in that place. Don’t. It’s very hard to get out once you lose momentum.

I had to now instead of being an introvert; work my way into being extremely extroverted. I had to do something in an adrenaline fashion.I was lucky enough to have a bad storm passing through my area. It wasn’t snowy, it wasn’t bad, but we had high winds, we had a lot of rain, it was hard to see. It took a lot of me to look outward and say, “I am here, I’m present, and I need to be looking out.” That got me to shift the energetic aspect using my adrenaline, using my foresight to see what needs to happen.

Knowing where you are and pushing through something external is what broke my cycle. Then all those other actions I used prior started working. Me being with my family, me doing things with my family is what normally breaks everything. Once I did those things, snap, just like that. The key thing is I caught myself early and started doing my troubleshooting rather quickly. If you don’t do that, you lose. You’re going to be pulling at straws, and you’re going to be trying to do everything that you can do rather than sequencing it, seeing what’s working.

Lets recap

Number one, catch it early. Number two, know yourself well enough that I know what makes me happy. Breaking depression is not just random, it is using specifics. I know if kissing my wife makes me happy, hugging my wife makes me happy, sitting down on the couch makes me happy. All those things, do those things. Number three, if those things are not working, look at a different source. Look at how you can break that internal, introvert aspect into an extrovert aspect. Do something outside, physical, that’s going to get your body pumped. We’re not talking about just go out for a jog. It has to be a hard jog, something that’s going to force your body to shift. That’s the name of the game.

That’s learning how to live and move pain-free because problems are bound to happen. If you don’t think you are going to have problems, you’ve got another thing coming because then you’ll get problems and don’t know what to do with it. I expect it, so I watch for it, and I clean it up extremely fast.

Leave your thoughts on the subject. Love to hear your feedback. Until next time, later.

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