People don’t put themselves first

What’s up? Patrick Lerouge here from livepainfreeprocess.com and I have a pain free concierge service. This pain-free concierge service is doing amazing things, and it’s starting to evolve past where I thought it would. What I have been doing is looking at all my clients and realized that my live pain-free process that’s giving them. It has all the tools to balance out their emotional state, help them clarify their mental state and redo the body in the physical world. What I realized is that they all have a common thread. The common thread is they don’t put themselves first.

The business is starting to shift into showing people an easy way to make themselves better. It’s putting them first. It’s a priority. It’s hugely important. I’m so excited to say it because I finally have a weapon, a tool, a target to get it to everyone where they’re going to say, “You know what, I don’t put myself first.”

If you’re in pain and you didn’t have trauma, I guarantee you there’s something in the emotional world, something in the mental world, something in the physical world that you are lacking. The reason why you’re not taking care of it is that you do not put yourself first.


You always have all these other tasks that need to happen. What I’m saying, is you don’t need to abandon all those important tasks, you just need to re-prioritize and put you consistently in front. It needs to be a choice. That’s what’ uber important. You need to choose you. You need to focus on you so you can help others. So you can do your job better.

So many people come back and say, “I just don’t have time.” You must make the time because you become first. You are the priority. You need to rearrange the way that you see the world. You need to understand that if you don’t feel well, you will not do anything. It just won’t happen. What I want you to do, is think about how much of a priority do I make myself.  Then choose to change it.

Don’t do anything just yet. Just say you know what I need to make myself a priority first. You need to feel that before anything can happen, you need to feel it in your heart. Like, “Oh, I don’t put myself first because of all those other tasks that you will list.” List them out. Write them out. Just be like my kids, have me, my husband has me, my wife has me, my job has me. All these things are just pulling and pulling from me, but you know what I never refill myself. I never actively do the things that I love, a hobby, journaling, painting.

Choose the things you like to do to refill

My kids get things like an adult coloring book. I find myself doing it more than them. So I use them as a tool to get things that make me look internal and calm myself. Do you color? Do you have an adult coloring book? It’s surprisingly calming. I am serious about that. That’s what I want you to do. I want to sit down look and say, “Do I put myself first?”

Now, put a comment down below. I have this brand new comment box that I finally figured out. I want you guys actually to comment. Tell me one do you put yourself first and if you put yourself first help somebody else by saying this is how I did it. Right? Start the conversation. Let’s see what happens. Let’s open this up and get people to start prioritizing themselves first. Imagine that. Make a choice. Until next week, guys, I’ll see you later.

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