Is it selfish to put yourself first

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“Is it selfish to put yourself first: It’s not selfish guys, what I’m teaching you is not to be selfish.


Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is it selfish to feel comfortable in your skin?
  • Is it selfish to want to have fun while doing things for others?
  • What about feeling comfortable nurturing yourself?

Is that selfish? No, you want to feel at ease when you nurture yourself because when you nurture yourself, you can give more to others. Understand it’s not about what we’re doing, it’s how we do it, that’s the key component here. It’s how you get there; you can act like a tool or think of both sides. So, I want you to start nurturing yourself.

It’s not about being selfish, and how you get there, I want you to focus on why.

Why shouldn’t you be a little selfish?

In some way, shape, or form we are talking about your self-preservation. Honestly, if you think it’s selfish, you have some deep-rooted struggle within you that you must address. I want you to think deep about is it okay to be a door mat?

Breaking this down,  it is about boundaries. You need to be able to say stop stepping on me or taking advantage of me. You’re putting others before you, and sometimes you must like when it comes to your kids…….

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Hello, I am Patrick Lerouge from Evolve Restorative Therapy. I have a pain free concierge service that is doing a profile and things, and I love every second of it. Every time I say it, it makes me extremely happy because I’m helping a lot of people get through a lot of hard things that they’ve been doing for years. I’m doing it without them every realizing they’re going through steps because of the domino theory. Right as soon as they do one thing, it leads them to the next which leads them to the next.

As well as I’m getting them attached to a habit, we are changing actual habits based off of doing small things that they don’t even realize they are doing. That’s the beauty of the live pain-free process that I created. Live pain-free process gets you to see things in an entirely different way. It gets you to see things on a physical level completely different; you get to learn about your body communicating with you rather than just doing things. You see what your body is saying, that’s the name of the game on that.

Mental aspect, you start to see the future as well as see what’s happening inside of you, meshing them together, and responding accordingly. Emotionally we just balance you out. That’s where the “Me First “Ebook came out. We are starting to do things in that way. I’m answering questions from that books now. I’m extremely happy with doing that, as you can see I’m very animated right now because we’re talking about a lot of different things.


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